One of the main objectives of Call To Space is to facilitate the access to space, therefore, we are looking for all the free resources out there to help you enter the space industry! This is our first list of 50 free online courses related to space (We’ll be updating it constantly)! You’ll find from aerospace engineering and cosmology to how Start Trek has influenced our culture. Enjoy! And don’t forget to share and subscribe to our newsletter.

Engineering & Astronautics Courses

Space Exploration and Rocket Science

Space Mission Design and Operations on EDX

Engineering the Space Shuttle EDX MIT

Introduction to Aerospace Engineering: Astronautics and Human Spaceflight

Human Spaceflight – An introduction by KTH Royal Institute of Technology

AstroTech: The Science and Technology behind Astronomical Discovery

Kinematics: Describing the Motions of Spacecraft

Kinetics: Studying Spacecraft Motion

Control of Nonlinear Spacecraft Attitude Motion

Spacecraft Dynamics Capstone: Mars Mission

Teaching Primary Science: Human Spaceflight

Teaching Primary Science: Exploring Space

Space Culture

Star Trek: Inspiring Culture and Technology

Star Trek: Inspiring Culture and Technology II

Star Trek: Inspiring Culture and Technology III

A Brief History of Human Spaceflight

Myths, Rituals, and Cosmos a Edx Course

Cosmology and Astronomy

Cosmic Rays, Dark Matter, and the Mysteries of the Universe by WASEDA U.

Astrophysics: The Violent Universe by Australian National University 

Astrophysics: Cosmology Exploring the origin, fate and nature of our universe.

Relativity and Astrophysics

Super-Earths and Life

Solar Systems Astronomy

Astronomy: Exploring Time and Space

From the Big Bang to Dark Energy

The Science of the Solar System

Data-driven Astronomy

Analyzing the Universe

The Evolving Universe

Big History – From the Big Bang until Today

Astrobiology and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life

Understanding Einstein: The Special Theory of Relativity

Introduction into General Theory of Relativity

Astrobiology: Exploring Other Worlds

Astro 101: Black Holes U. of Alberta

Archaeoastronomy by Politecnico Di Milano

The Discovery of the Higgs Boson

In the Night Sky: Orion by The Open University

Our Solar System and Beyond: Teaching Primary Science

Atmospheric Chemistry: Planets and Life Beyond Earth

Imágenes, Data & Satélites

Spatial Data Science: The New Frontier in Analytics

Do-It-Yourself Geo Apps MOOC by ESRI

Going Places with Spatial Analysis by ESRI

Cartography MOOC by ESRI

The Location Advantage

Earth Imagery at Work

Echoes in Space MOOC

The Copernicus MOOC

Big Data and the Environment

Introduction to Satellite Communications

Become a Google mapping expert