EO4GEO is an Erasmus+ Sector Skills Alliance gathering 26 partners from 13 EU countries, most of which are part of the Copernicus Academy Network. Be they from academia, public or private sector, they are all active in the education and training fields of space / geospatial sectors.

Technological progress and globalisation offer tremendous opportunities for innovation, job creation and growth. This also requires people to acquire new skills in order to drive and support change. But which skills are they, and how can we build and shape the workforce of the future? This is where EO4GEO steps in.

The ‘Eyes on Earth’ Roadshow lets you explore how satellite information supports scientific understanding, policy making and business operations. Climate & weather, mobility & transport planning, renewables, air quality, freshwater availability and distribution, smart farming, financial risk management and critical infrastructure measurement are all domains where satellite data can add value.

This Roadshow will inspire you about the many applications of space data, let you explore hands on how space data can be applied in your daily life or work environment; and provide you with the tools to act. No or limited knowledge of satellites, satellite data or remote sensing is needed; the Roadshow is suitable for non-experts.

Date02/06/2020  10:00 AM

Location: Global.  

Organizer: Copernicus

Address: Online.

Days left: