IAF Excellence in “3G” Diversity Award

IAF Excellence in “3G” Diversity Award

The IAF Excellence in “3G” Diversity Award is intended to recognize IAF member organizations (industry, government, academia) worldwide for outstanding contributions to the fostering of “3G” (Geography, Generation, Gender) Diversity within the space sector. It is an annual award presented at the IAC, but is given only when nominations of exceptional merit are received.

Nomination/Application package shall contain:

  • A citation of the contribution to “3G” Diversity (one sentence);
  • A summary description of the organization’s outstanding contribution in the respective (at least 2 diversity aspects: geography, generation and gender); eventual contributions to additional aspects of diversity shall also be mentioned and will be considered.

IAF Excellence in “3G” Diversity Award recipient will be selected by the IAF “3G” Diversity Award Subcommittee who will review the nominations/applications and make a recommendation for the recipient to the IAF Bureau during the IAF Spring Meetings in March 2020. The final decision rests with the IAF Bureau.

Nomination/application documents must be received by IAF Secretariat by the 14 February 2020 15:00 CET (Paris time), preferably by email at [email protected] (2020 IAF Excellence in “3G” Diversity Award).

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