Satellite Technology for the Benefit of People: A Space Perspective for Solving Regional Problems

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The electronics miniaturization as well as cost reduction have been the trigger of a new generation of small satellites, amongst them the ones known as CubeSat. Although small, this kind of satellite can carry a variety of sensors such as multispectral and hyperspectral cameras or even spectrometers that can acquire important and useful information while they are in orbit around the Earth. Its general low-cost implementation makes it interesting for researchers, governments, and companies who want to provide services such as internet, land monitoring among others, to use them as a resource. Several institutions in South America have been developing small satellite technology as independent initiatives, gathering experience relevant for the implementation of small satellite-based missions which could benefit the region. This panel will focus on identify possible partnerships, the steps to generate collaborative programs in this area, and the current state of affairs regarding the technology capacities, towards making a first approach for emergent countries towards the space sector, and serve as a platform for solving some problems of the region that could be aided by the use of space located assets, such as natural disaster control.

**This webinar will be delivered in Spanish

Date20/05/2020  18:00 cdt

Location: Global.  

Organizer: Space Generation Advisory Council.

Address: Online.

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