Weekly online ‘Space Bar’ to discuss all things space and engage in some virtual networking.

About this Event

Space community!

We would like to invite you to our virtual ‘Space Bar’ to discuss all things space and help keep us all sane! On THURSDAYS @ 7PM (GMT+1), wherever you are, if you are stuck at home and bored, pour yourself a whisky, beer, or cup of tea. It’s a chance to do some virtual networking and we will keep it going until this thing blows over!

The call usually kicks-off with brief introductions – let us know who you are, what organization you work for, and how you’re adapting to the times we’re in. A host or moderator will be present at each call to help guide the conversation and solve any potential technical issues.

We look forward to seeing you there!

– AstroAgency

(Make sure to checkout your local time – this tool can help https://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/)

Organized by AstroAgency